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Current teaching (Spring 2016):
Tuesday, 18:30: Automorphic Forms and their applications (seminar)
Thursday, 18:30: Geometric sructures on manifolds (seminar)
Saturday at Independent University, room 303:
15:50-17:20 -- Algebraic Surfaces
17:30-19:00 -- Variety Seminar

Seminars: Homotopy; Shafarevich, Automorphic Forms; Math Physics; Geometric Structures, Iskovskikh, Kazarian-Lando, Arithmetic, Geometry and Coding Theory, GLOBUS; Bogomolov, Riemann surfaces, Lie algebras, and math physics.
List of seminars at
International job and study opportunities in Pure Mathematics in Moscow:

Higher School of Economics: Faculty of Mathematics, Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry and its Applications, Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics.
Moscow Centre for Continuous Mathematical Education: Independent University of Moscow, Laboratoire Poncelet.
Steklov Mathematical Institute: Algebraic Geometry, Algebra and Number Theory.
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology: Faculty of Innovations and High Tech, Discrete Math Department.
Institute for Information Transmission Problems: Algebra and Number Theory.
Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics: Lab 170.