I am on leave to University of Geneva until April 2017.

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Written in Russian:
  1. S. Galkin: Toric degenerations of Fano varieties. Ph.D. Thesis (Steklov Math Institute, April 3, 2008), (in Russian)
  2. S. Galkin: Picard lattices of nodal toric Fano threefolds. (in Russian)
  3. S. Galkin: Del Pezzo surfaces and low ramified pencils of elliptic curves. (in Russian)
  4. S. Galkin: Derived categories of coherent sheaves on toric stacks. Preprint ITEP-TH-105/04 (in Russian).

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My dear coauthors: Mohammad AKHTAR, Alexey BONDAL, Tom COATES, Alessio CORTI, John Alexander CRUZ MORALES, Vasily GOLYSHEV, Hiroshi IRITANI, Ilya KARZHEMANOV, Al KASPRZYK, Ludmil KATZARKOV, Anton MELLIT, Grigory MIKHALKIN, Evgeny SHINDER, Constantin SHRAMOV, Maxim SMIRNOV, Andrew STRANGEWAY, Alexandr USNICH.

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