. I have a few semi-auto-generated profiles otherwhere: HSE (my university), arXiv, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, MathSciNet, Zentralblatt, ORCID, Scopus, Mendeley, ResearcherID, MathNet, elibrary.ru, Math Genealogy, rnr, kaken.
I did my PhD in Steklov Math Institute and bachelor degree in Moscow State University. My advisor was Vasily Iskovskikh. I teach at Higher School of Economics and Independent University of Moscow, and I advise two PhD students: Pavel Popov and Artem Prikhodko.

I try to maintain a complete list of my talks with abstracts (some also have videos).

Written works:

Organization of seminars:

Organization of conferences, workshops, schools, minicourses: Lecture courses in Moscow (HSE, IUM, MIPT): Mini-courses:
My dear coauthors: Mohammad AKHTAR, Alexey BONDAL, Tom COATES, Alessio CORTI, John Alexander CRUZ MORALES, Vasily GOLYSHEV, Hiroshi IRITANI, Ilya KARZHEMANOV, Al KASPRZYK, Ludmil KATZARKOV, Anton MELLIT, Grigory MIKHALKIN, Evgeny SHINDER, Constantin SHRAMOV, Maxim SMIRNOV, Andrew STRANGEWAY, Alexandr USNICH.

FANOSEARCH is an ongoing collaboration (myself, V. Golyshev and a group in England), that started in 2009.

Mathematics in Moscow (places, seminars, job/study opportunities).