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Computers at the Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education

We would like to thank various organizations and people for their help and support, without which we would not be able to survive.

Our computer services are free.

We provide e-mail access

One of our main computer priorities is providing e-mail access. We consider this the most important and valuable service we provide.

Professors and employees of the Independent University of Moscow are provided with shell and UUCP accounts.

Moscow high schools, math teachers, IUM students, and mathematicians can request UUCP accounts from us, for sending and receiving email from home. (To use a UUCP account one needs a computer, a 14400bps or faster modem, and a phone line.)

UUCP allows users to work with e-mail off-line, instead of tying up their and our phone lines while reading and composing messages. Users call us occasionally and transmit all their e-mail at once, in both directions.

To get a UUCP account, one should arrive to MCCME in person and contact system administrator assistants (room 306, phone 2410500).

Users who visit MCCME often can use e-mail in our computer room.

MCCME and its employees will do their best to maintain a stable Internet connection, to keep users' correspondence private and users' files intact, and in general, to offer reliable computer services, but none of this can be guaranteed.

System administrator— Sergey Dubov, <dubov (at)>.

System administrator assistants:

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