Poncelet laboratory together with Free University of Amsterdam organizes a workshop
"Combinatorial optimization and discrete structures"


Gleb Koshevoy (CEMI RAS and Poncelet lab) and Gerard van der Laan (Free University of Amsterdam)


The workshop will focus on recent progress in combinatorial optimization, game theory and economies with indivisibles.

List of speakers:

R.van den Brink (Amsterdam), V.Danilov (Moscow), T.Driessen (Twente), A.Karzanov (Moscow), A.Karzev (St.-Peterburg), G.Koshevoy (Moscow), G.van der Laan (Amsterdam), O.Naumova (St.-Petersburg), D.Talman (Tilburg), V.Vasil'ev (Novosibirsk), E.Yanovskaja (St.-Petersburg).

The workshop will start on Monday morning, May 29, and end of Friday afternoon, June 2. The morning is panned for 1 and 1/2 hours talks and the afternoon is reserved for discussions.

Morning lectures start at 10:00 and are scheduled at rooms 816 or 520 (CEMI), afternoon discussions are at rooms 816 (CEMI) or 408 (Poncelet lab).


CEMI RAN is located at Nakhimovskii pr. 47., Poncelet lab is at IMU, Bol'shoi Vlas'evskii, 11

The workshop is a part of activity within the RFBR-NWO grant.