International Conference

Flows on surfaces, symbolic dynamics and dynamics in moduli spaces

dedicated to the 75th birthday of D. V. Anosov

December 5 - 9, 2011, Poncelet Laboratory, Moscow, Russia


The school and the conference will be held at the Poncelet Laboratory for all days except from December 7.
Address: Moscow, Bolshoy Vlasyevskiy Pereulok 11 (4th floor)

The nearest metro station is СМОЛЕНСКАЯ (Smolenskaya), line 3, 5 minutes by walk.
Warning: there is another station “Smolenskaya” on line 4, which is located slightly farther.

Also КРОПОТКИНСКАЯ (Kropotkinskaya) station, line 1 is located in 7 minutes by walk.
Warning: the station ПАРК КУЛЬТУРЫ (Park Kultury) on line 5 is now temporarily closed, this is not shown on most schemes.
Hence one cannot use transfer “Park Kultury”
51 to reach “Kropotkinskaya”.

How to reach Poncelet Laboratory from these metro stations.
(Poncelet Laboratory, IUM and MCCME are located in the same building.)

The meeting on December 7 will be held at Steklov Mathematical Institute.
Address: Moscow, Gubkina Street 8.

It is located within 15 minutes by feet from АКАДЕМИЧЕСКАЯ (Akademicheskaya) metro station, line 6.

The fastest way to reach Steklov Institute from Poncelet Laboratory is by metro:
СМОЛЕНСКАЯ (Smolenskaya) 3 → КИЕВСКАЯ (Kievskaya) 3 → КИЕВСКАЯ (Kievskaya) 5 → ОКТЯБРЬСКАЯ (Oktyabr'skaya) 5 → ОКТЯБРЬСКАЯ (Oktyabr'skaya) 6 → АКАДЕМИЧЕСКАЯ (Akademicheskaya) 6.


International flights arrive either to Sheremetyevo airport or Domodedovo airport, which are located relatively far from the city center.

In both cases, it is recommended to take the rapid train called “AeroExpress” (follow the red signs "Moscow by train"). One way ticket costs 320 rubles. Trains are scheduled each half an hour (see timetables on the site), and the trip takes around 45 minutes. The train from Sheremetyevo goes to a terminus close to БЕЛОРУССКАЯ metro station (Belorusskaya, lines 2 and 5), the train from Domodedovo goes to terminus close to ПАВЕЛЕЦКАЯ metro station (Paveletskaya, the same lines 2 and 5).

Note that taxi may be extremely expensive and much longer because of traffic.

Metro is by far the fastest transport in Moscow (here is the metro plan). It is recommended to buy a card for 10 or 20 trips (it costs 265 or 520 rubles, respectively).


The only accepted currency is rubles. There are a lot of exchange offices where you can exchange euro or US dollars to rubles. The exchange rate is variable (around 42 rubles per euro at the beginning of November 2011). It is strongly unadvisable to exchange the currency at the aeroport because the rate is significantly lower. Please note that some exchange offices take extra commissions (few percent or/and fixed amount).