June 2-7, 2008, Moscow, Russia

Laboratoire J.-V. Poncelet and

Steklov Mathematical Institute




Practical details


The conference will take place mainly at the Independent University, 11 Bolshoi Vlassievsky pereulok, 119002 Moscow. The nearest metro stations are: Smolenskaja (line 3 = dark blue, not to be confused with the other station of the same name on the line 4 = light blue) and Kropotkinskaja (line 1 = red), see this map (in russian, with detailed instructions) or another map (in english). The conference room is on the fourth floor. For lunch, there are many small restaurants close to the university.

The conference will be also partially hosted by the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Gubkin 8, 119991, Moscow. The nearest metro stations are: Akademicheskaya (orange line) from which there is a 15-minute walk or Leninsky Prospekt (orange line) and Universitet (red line) from which one may take a tram No. 3 or 39 to the stop “ulica Gubkina”. The Institute is also in a 5-minute walk from Leninsky Prospect, stop “Univermag Moskva.” The location of the conference room at the building of the Steklov Institute will be announced later.

Howto get to the IUM.


From "Smolenskaya"(appr. 7 min.): Cross Arbat street near "MacDonalds", pass  one block along Denezhny side-street (the monumental building of the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs will be on your right), then turn to the left and pass two blocks along Sivtsev Vrazhek side-street. Turn to the right and walk about 20 meters along Bolshoy Vlasyevskiy side-street. IUM is located on your right in a four-storey building inside the yard.

From "Kropotkinskaya"(appr. 12 min): Get out of the metro through the exit to the Gogolevskiy boulevard. Pass through the arch, turn to the left and cross the boulevard. Pass five blocks along Gagarinskiy side-street, then turn to the right and walk about 50 meters along Bolshoy Vlasyevskiy side-street. IUM is located on your left in a four-storey building inside the yard.

See also the map.


Location of the Steklov Mathematical Institute

The Institute is located at the corner of Gubkina str. and Vavilova str. The formal address is Ulica Gubkina 8. It can be reached through both the gates faced ul.Gubkina and the gates faced ul.Vavilova (ul.=ulica=street)

It can be reached from the metro station "Akademicheskaya" (15 min walk): take the NW exit from the metro, then walk along Dmitriya Ul'yanova street (with the boulvard in the middle) to the next big street (with railways for trams) called Vavilov street, turn right and alk less than one block until (open) iron gates on the left side (Vavilov st.40). Immediately after the gates there is the 3-store building of the computer center of Academy of Sciences and beyond it the 9-store modern looking yellow building of the Steklov Institute.

From the metro station "University": trams 39 and 3 to the stop "Ulica Gubkina" (southbound).

From the metro station "Leninskii Prospekt": trams 39 and 3 to the stop "Ulica Gubkina" (northbound).

From the Moscow State University: bus 119, minibus 400 (until the bus stop "Univermag Moskva"), 57,119 (until the bus stop "ul. Dmitriya Uljanova"). In the first case go by Gubkina str., in the second  -- by Vavilova str. (to the left).

See the map_Steklov.pdf

Guesthouse at Steklov.

All rooms are equipped with shower, WC, TV, refrigerator, and electric kettle. You can find microwave oven and iron at room 13. Since there is no facilities for breakfast neither at Steklov nor in the close proximity, we recommend to  buy food in advance. The closest  grocery store  is "Sed'moi Kontinent" (Seventh Continent). It is located in the same block as Steklov, from the opposite side (facing ul.Dmitriya Ul'yanova). It is upscale, but the choice is huge and meets everyone's needs (even caviar). All major credit cards accepted (safe). Another store is located right across Ul.Dmitriya Ul'yanova. On the corner of Dm.Ul'yanova and Vavilov st. (faced Dm.Ul'yanova) is located the (soviet-old-fashioned-style) boulangerie (prices affordable for common Muscovites). You can also buy fruits, vegetables, and snacks in cabin-like shops ("palatkas", or tents) located along Vavilov and Gubkin streets (cash only; prices reasonable).

ATM: Located at the "Seventh Continent" ??

Computer facilities. All the participants can brouse Internet from computers located in the Poncelet Lab. when at the IMU. At the Steklov Math. Inst., ask local organizers to assist with the access to computers at the Steklov  (L.Chekhov, M.Kazaryan et al).

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