Researcher at the Laboratory since March 11, 2002

Permanent places of employment:

Current research interests:

Algorithmic problems in low-dimensional topology, knot theory, analysis on manifolds with singularities.

Seminars (partial list)

  1. February 11, 2003 "Undecidable problems in low-dimensional topology" (M.M. Postnikov seminar) Moscow.
  2. March 28, 2003 "Viro-Turaev invariants folloroing Matveev" (Natanzon-Sheinman-Schwartzman seminar), Moscow.
  3. April 23, 2003 "Topological obstructions to the existence of approximate solutions to PDE". (Conference "PDE and applications") Moscow.
  4. July 23, 2003 "Singular minimal surfaces" (Conference "Contemporary Mathematics"), Dubna.
  5. December 16, 2003 "Cliché grammars and their computer implementation" (E.Kozerenko seminar: "Applied linguistics and information technologies"), Moscow
  6. January 21, 2004 "L'hypothèese de Poincaré serait-elle fausse?" (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon)
  7. January 26, 2004 "L'hypothèese de Poincaré serait-elle fausse?" (Université de Strasbourg)
  8. February 24, 2004 "Embeddings of 2-polyhedra and the Poincaré conjecture" (M.M.Postnikov Seminar)

Seminars, Conferences and Trips Abroad in 2003

Some recent publications

  1. Knots, links, braids and three-dimensional manifolds, MCCME Publ., Moscow, 1997 (in Russian, jointly with V.Prasolov), 352 pages.
  2. Knots, links, braids and $3$-manifolds, American Mathematical Society, Providence RI, 1997 (jointly with V.Prasolov).
  3. Noeuds, genèse d'une théorie mathématique. Éditions du Seuil, Paris, 1999, 151 pages.
  4. Smooth Manifolds and Observables [in Russian] MCCME Publ., Moscow, 2000 (jointly with M.Vinogradov, A.Astashov, et al.).
  5. Simply connected 3-manifolds and undecidable problems in group theory, Russian J. Math. Physics, vol.7, no.2, 2000.
  6. Smooth Manifolds and Observables Springer, Berlin 2002 (jointly with M.Vinogradov, A.Astashov, et al.).
  7. Knots, Mathematics with a twist. Harvard University Press, Boston, 2002, 127 pages (This book has also been translated into Italian, German, and Rumanian).
  8. L'Université indépendante de Moscou et le Laboratoire Franco-Russe de mathématiques (jointly with M.Tsfasman) Gazette des mathématiciens, No.95, Janvier 2003.