Researcher of the laboratory since October 01, 2010

Permanent places of employment: CNRS - Section STIC-07, since October 2008

Current research interests: tilings, substitutions, combinatorics, symbolic dynamics, quasicrystals

Curriculum Vitae in brief:
2008 - 2010 CNRS - LAboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale, Marseille
2005 - 2007 Ph.D. in Computer Science, December 2007. University of Montpellier, Advisor: Valerie Berthe
2001 - 2004 Bachelor and Master degrees at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France

Recent publications:

1. N. Ollinger, Th. Fernique, /Combinatorial substitutions and sofic tilings/, submitted

2. Th. Fernique, V. Berthe, /Brun expansions of stepped surfaces/, submitted

3. O. Bodini, Th. Fernique, D. Regnault, /Stochastic flips on two-letter words/ in ANALCO'10 (2010)

4. O. Bodini, Th. Fernique, D. Regnault, /Crystallization by stochastic flips/, Journal of Physics: Conference series 226 (2010)

5. Th. Fernique, /Generation and recognition of digital planes using multi-dimensional continued fractions/, Pattern Recognition 42 (2009)

6. O. Bodini, Th. Fernique, E. Remila, /Distances on lozenge tilings/ in DGCI'09 (2009)