Sergei LANDO

Researcher at the Laboratory since September 2002

Permanent places of employment:

Current research interests:

Theory of Singularities. Low Dimensional Topology. Riemann Surfaces. Combinatorics.

Seminars in Russia

V.I. Arnold Seminar at MSU. Nov. 2002
"Branched coverings of the sphere and representations of the Lie algebra sl2" (following Varchenko-Scherbak)
St. Petersburg Mathematical Society. Nov. 5, 2002
"Invariants of knots and invariants of graphs".
S. Duzhin Seminar "Moscow - St. Petersburg". Nov. 9, 2002
"Branched coverings of the sphere and intersection theory in the moduli spaces of curves".
V.I. Arnold Seminar at MSU. Dec. 2002
"Towards the complexification of the theory of finite-type invariants".
V.I. Arnold Seminar at MSU. Feb. 18, 2003
"On the hypotheses lying at the foundation of the geometry of spaces of rational functions".
Nechaev - Sossinsky seminar in math. physics. Oct. 15, 2003
"Integration over spaces of matrices"
Nechaev - Sossinsky seminar in math. physics. Dec. 17, 2003
"What are Gromov-Witten invariants?"

Seminars, Conferences, and Trips Abroad

Recent Publications

  1. "On a Hopf algebra in graph theory", J. Combin. Theory Ser. B, 80, 104-121 (2000)
  2. (joint with D.Zvonkine) "On multiplicity of Lyashko-Looijenga mapping on discriminant strata", Func. Anal. Appl. vol. 33, No. 2, 21-34 (1999)
  3. (joint with T.Ekedahl, M.Shapiro, A.Vainshtein),"On Hurwitz numbers and Hodge integrals", C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser. I Math., 328, 1175-1180 (1999)
  4. (joint with T. Ekedahl, M. Shapiro, A. Vainshtein), "Hurwitz numbers and intersections on moduli spaces of curves", Invent. Math., 146, 297-327 (2001)
  5. "Lectures on Generating functions" (Russian), Moscow, MCCME, 2002, (English), vol. 23 of Student Mathematical Library, AMS (2003)
  6. "Ramified coverings of the two-dimensional sphere and intersection theory in spaces of meromorphic functions on algebraic curves". (Russian) Uspekhi Mat. Nauk 57 (2002), no. 3 (345), 29-98; translation in Russian Math. Surveys 57 (2002), no. 3, 463-533
  7. (joint with A. K. Zvonkin) "Graphs on Surfaces and Their Applications", vol. 141 of Encyclopedia of Mathematical Sciences, Springer (2003)