Researcher at the Laboratory since November 2006

Curriculum Vitae

Born on 11.11.1949 at Moscow, Russia.

Married 10.02.1979. Wife -- Prozorovskaya Lioubov Rostislavovna; son Svyatoslav (born on 14.09.00).

Permanent Address: B. Spasskaya,33--49, 129010 Moscow, Russia.

Phone number (095) 5018187(home), (095) 1230292(office)

e-mail: lebedev AT ; lebedev AT


Graduated from the Mathematical Department of the Moscow State University in 1972.

1977-1979 -- post-graduate student ( Supervisor Professor Yuri I. Manin).


1980 -- received the doctor degree in Mathematical Physics in the Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics. The title of PhD thesis: ``Hamiltonian structures and conservation laws of nonlinear integrable equations.''

Fields of Research:

Mathematical Physics


From 1972 up to now -- senior researcher at the Theory Department of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, B.Cheremushkinskaya,25, 117259 Moscow, Russia Moscow.

Recent visiting positions:

RIMS, Kyoto; MPIM, Bonn; IHES, France.

Coordinator of the grants:

INTAS-97-1312; INTAS-00-00055; INTAS-03-513350 RFBR-96-02-18046; RFFI-98-01-00328; RFBR-03-17554.

Member of the grants INTAS-93-0166-Ext and Award No.RM2-150 of the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation(CRDF); CRDF RMI-2545

Invited talks at the International conferences(2000-2006):

Leeds(April 2000), England(60);

Dubna (August 2000)(100) Russia;

Kiev (22-29.09.00)(50-70) Ukraina;

Toronto (09-16.01.01) Canada (60);

Kyoto-Osaka (19-23.02.01)Japan (200);

Vienna (18-22.06.01)Austria (70);

Delft (16.06.02) Holland (65);

Chernogolovka (15.09.02 - 21.09.02) (80);

Faro (100)(21-25.07.03) Portugal;

Twenty (15-17.12.03) Holland;

Karlstad (5-10,07, 2004)(200) Sweden;

Dubna (24-28, 01,2005);

St. Petersburg, June 27-July 3, 2005;

Leeds(16-17, 12,2005); Paris, May, 2006; Madrid, September 2006.

Long term activity:

co-organizer of the weekly seminar at the MPIM Bonn "Integrable systems and beyond" (2001-2002);

co-organiser of the weekly seminar at ITEP, Moscow: "Modern mathematical physics";

co-organiser of the weekly seminar at MPIM Bonn "Mathematics for Physics" (2005).

Recent publications:

1. Representation Theory and Quantum Inverse Scattering Method: The Open Toda Chain and the Hyperbolic Sutherland Model, (together with A. Gerasimov, S. Kharchev), International Mathematical Research Notices (2004), no.17, 823--854. arXiv:math.QA/0204206; Preprint MPI.

2. On a class of integrable systems connected with $GL(N,R)$, Int. J. Mod. Phys.A 19 Suppl. (2004), 205--216. (together with A. Gerasimov, S. Kharchev), arXiv:math.QA/0301025.

3. Representation theory and quantum integrability, (together with A. Gerasimov and S. Kharchev) Progress in Mathematics, v. 237 (2005) 133--156; arXiv:math QA/0402112.

4. On a class of representatios of the Yangian and moduli space of monopoles (together with A. Gerasimov, S. Kharchev and S. Oblezin) Comm. Math. Phys. 260 (2005) 511--525; (arXiv:math.AG/0409031; Preprint MPI 2004(125))

5. On a class of representatios of quantum groups (together with A. Gerasimov, S. Kharchev and S. Oblezin) Contemporary Mathematics v. 391 (2005) 101--110. arXiv:math.QA/0501473 Preprint MPI 2005(17);

6. On a Gauss-Givental Representation of Quantum Toda Chain Wave Function, International Mathematical Research Notices 2006 (2006), article ID 96489
arXiv:math. RT/0505310; Preprint MPI 2005. (together with A. Gerasimov, S. Kharchev and S. Oblezin)

7. On a class of Representations of Quantum Groups and applications, to be published in Amer. Math. Soc. Transl.(2) (together with A. Gerasimov, S. Kharchev and S. Oblezin)

8. Givental Integral Representation for Classical Groups, arXiv:math.RT/ 0608152 (together with A. Gerasimov and S. Oblezin)

9. Baxter Q-operator and Givental integral representation for $C_n$ and $D_n$, arXiv: math.RT/0609082 (together with A. Gerasimov and S. Oblezin)