Researcher at the Laboratory since November 2006

Permanent place of employment:

Independent University of Moscow

Current research interests:

Dequantization, idempotent and tropical mathematics, functional analysis, representation theory, rational approximations, numerical and interval analysis, computer technologies.

Colloquium and Conference lectures (partial list)

Recent visiting position

September 2005 - June 2006, Visiting professor of mathematics, International University Bremen, Bremen, Germany

Some recent publications (partial list)

  1. Dequantization of mathematics, Globus: general-mathematical seminar, vol. 4, MCCME Publ., in press (in Russian).
  2. Kernel theorems and nuclearity in idempotent mathematics. An algebraic approach, Zapiski Nauchnykh Seminarov POMI, vol. 331, 2006, 60--83 (in Russian, jointly with G.B. Shpiz). English version in J. Math. Sci, Vol. 139, #3, 2006. E-print arXiv:math.FA/0609033.
  3. The Maslov dequantization, idempotent and tropical mathematics. A brief introduction. Zapiski Nauchnykh Seminarov POMI, vol.326, 145--182 (in Russian). English version in J. Math. Sci. E-print arXiv:math. GM/0507014.
  4. Dequantization of mathematics and representations of groups, Vestnik Tambovskogo Universiteta, ser. Estestv. i tekhn. nauki, Vol. 10, #4, 2005, 390--411 (in Russian, jointly with G.B. Shpiz).
  5. Idempotent Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, Contemporary Mathematics, Vol. 377. Amer. Math. Soc. Publ., Providence, Rhode Island, 2005 (jointly with V.P. Maslov, eds.).
  6. The dequantization transform and generalized Newton polytopes. --In: [5], p. 181--186 (jointly with G.B. Shpiz). E-print arXiv:math.GM/0501038.
  7. Error autocorrection in rational approximation and interval estimates, Central European Journal of Mathematics, Vol.1, #1, 2003. E-print. arXiv:math.NA/0207183.
  8. Nondigital implementations of the arithmetic of real numbers by means of quantum computer media, Matem. Zametki, Vol. 70, #1, 2001, 59--67 (in Russian, jointly with V.P. Maslov and G.B. Shpiz). English version in Mathematical Notes, Vol. 70, #1, 2001, 53--60. E-print arXiv: quant-ph/9904025.