Denis V. Mironov

Curriculum Vitae
Personal: Born 27 July 1983, Moscow, Russia.
Current positions: IT Specialist, Laboratoire J.-V.Poncelet, IUM, Moscow, Russia
Digital Video Specialist, MCCME, Moscow
Scientific Interests Invariant theory,
Rational singularities (also for G-varieties),
Algebraic Geometry, emph. on cohomology,
Representation theory,
1997 - 2000 Moscow State 57th School
1999 - present Independent University of Moscow
2000 - 2001 Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University
2001 - present Chair of Algebra, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University,
supervisor: Ivan V. Arzhantsev.
Publications: Calculation of tangent space as G-module of the unique invariant point of canonical embedding of G/P^u. (preparing for publication).
Teaching experience: Geometric Invariant Theory (joint with V. Zhgoon), IUM, Spring 2004.
IT-interests: Digital Video compression algorithms,
Object-oriented programming,
Perl programming,
Sharp Zaurus,
Enterprise-level network services,
Open protocols.
Languages: Russian, English (fluent).