Nikolai Nadirashvili

Researcher at the Laboratory from Oct. 2008

Nikolai Nadirashvili received his B.Sc. (1977) and Ph.D. (1981) from Moscow State University. He worked as a researcher at Institute of Earth Physics and from 1995 in the Institute of Information Transmission Problems (Russian Academy of Sciences).

In 1990-1991 as an A. von Humbold research fellow he stayed at the university of Bielefeld (Germany). In 1992-1996 he had visiting positions at ESI (Austria), IHES (France), ETH (Switzerland). In 1997-1998 he worked as an Assistant Professor at MIT and in 1998-2004 he had full professor position at the University of Chicago. From 2004 he is working in CNRS (France) at DR1 position.