Researcher at the Laboratory since March 2004

Permanent place of employment:

Current research interests:

Exactly Solvable Statistical Mechanics Models in Two Dimensions and Applications to Combinatorics. Matrix Models, Integrable Models.

Recent Seminars and Conferences:

Recent Publications:

  1. P.Zinn-Justin, "The asymmetric ABAB matrix model", Europhys. Lett., 64 (6) (2003), 737--742.
  2. J.L.Jacobsen, P.Zinn-Justin, "Matrix Models and the Enumeration of Alternating Tangles", Markov processes and Related Fields 2003 vol 9 no 2 (2003).
  3. P.Zinn-Justin, J.-B.Zuber, "On some integrals over the U(N) unitary group and their large N limit", J. Phys. A36 (2003), 3173.
  4. J.L.Jacobsen, P.Zinn-Justin, "Monochromatic path crossing exponents and graph connectivity in 2D percolation", Phys. Rev. E 66 (R) no 055102 (2002).
  5. P.Zinn-Justin, "HCIZ integral and 2D Toda lattice hierarchy", Nucl. Phys. B634 (2002).