Researcher at the Laboratory since October 2008

BORN: 27/12/1952, Kiev, Ukraine

Address: 142290, Russia, Pushchino, Moscow Region, District "D", building 5, apt. 80


1986, Ph.D., Computer Science; 1974, M.S., Mathematics


1992 - 2006 "Computational Molecular Biology" Research Group, Group Leader

2007 - Present Lab of Applied Mathematics, Head of the Lab


Laboratory of Research in Informatics and Algorithms (LORIA), Nancy, France

2003, November-December; 2004, May- July;

Laboratory of Fundamental Research in Informatics (Lille, France), INRIA (Roquencourt, France)

2005, September-November; 2006, November - December; 2007, November - December

National Center of Biotechnology Information, Bethesda, MD

2000, October-December; 2004, January-March

Rutgers University, Math Dept, New Brunswick, NJ

1998, October-December; 1999, May-June and November-December

University of Southern California, Dept. of Mathematics, Los Angeles, CA

1996, March-May and October-November; 1997, March-May

Georgia Inst. of Technology, School of Biology, Atlanta, GA

1994, November-December; 2005, June-July


2001 - 2003, Algodign LLC, Head of Bioinformatics Group


1997 - Present: Pushchino State University

2000 - 2001: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology ("Phystech")

2001, 2004-2007: Moscow State University


Bioinformatics (algorithms in bioinformatics, in particular, sequence comparison, RNA structure). Software design. Education (Math, Science).


Team leader in grants from RFBR, Russia (1994-2008), ECO-NET, France (2005-2006), NWO, The Netherlands (2001-2004), INTAS (2000-2002, 2006-2007) Merck (2000-2001) A.A.Baev Award (1997)

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