Rybko Alexandre N.

Researcher at the Laboratory since January 2007

1978-1989: researcher at IITP.
1989-present: senior researcher at the IITP.
1993-1995: researcher at Moscow International Mathematical Institut.


a) Mathematics: Theory of Probability, Random Processes, Mathematical Physics, Theory of Interacted Particle Systems.
b) Queueing Theory: Queueing Networks, application of the Theory of Markov Processes with Local Interactions to Networks with a large number of queues, Asymptotical Properties of Queueing Networks.


1993: winner of mathematical stipendium of Academy of Natural Scienses and of International Sciense Foundation.
1995-present: member of the Editorial Board of "Markov Processes and Related Fields".
2004-2005: Fellow of Statistical Laboratory of Cambridge University, supported by award of Leverhulme Trust


Referee at Russian Foundation of Fundamental Researches.
Guest of London Mathematical Society 2001 (two months).
Guest of Eurandom 2001.
Guest of IPAM (UCLA, two months), 2002
Guest of Institute of Theoretical Physics, Leuven, 2002

Invited Researcher at Cornell University, 1991.
Invited researcher on Weierstrass Institute, Berlin, 1993, 1995 (two + two months).
Invited Professor at Heidelberg University, support from the Volkswagen Foundation, 1996, (two months).
Invited Professor at Marceille University, Luminy, 1998 (two months).
Invited Professor at Beijing Normal University (China) 1998 (one month).
Invited Researcher at INRIA, Rocquencourt, Sophia Antipolis 1991, 1993, 1995, 1998.
Invited Professor at University of Cambridge, Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, 2004-2005, ten months, supprt from Leverhulme Trust.
Invited Professor at National University of Singapore, 2003, 2005, tree months.


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