Curriculum vitae

Georges RYSCHENKOW, born on 26th of September, 1945 in Casablanca, Morocco.

3, Krivoarbatsky Per, Kv. 20, 119002 MOSCOW, Russia.

Tel: (+7-095) 241 02 89. Cell: 8 905 738 53 08

French citizen

Divorced in 1995. Two sons, born in 1971 and 1985.

Languages: French, Russian (mother tongue), English.


2002 - August 2005: Attaché for Technologies, French Embassy in Russian Federation in Moscow.

1991 - 2002: Senior Scientist in the mixed private-public laboratory Saint-Gobain/CNRS inside the R&D Saint-Gobain center in Aubervilliers, France, near Paris.

1975 - 1990: Research Scientist in the ``Lab. of Mechanical and Thermodynamical Material Properties'' of the National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) in Villetaneuse, France (Full Researcher in 1982).

1973 - 1975: Assistant Scientist in the ``Lab. of Solid State Physics'' in Orsay, France, near Paris.

1970 - 1973: Summer job as Archivist in the High Commission for Refugees (HCR) in Geneva, Switzerland, later Teacher (math and physics) at the high school Oqba ben Nafii in Casablanca (Morocco), as a volunteer under the program of cultural cooperation between France and Morocco.

Career, results and field of interest

With more than 50 articles and review papers, I was involved in various fields of physics and chemistry, ending my scientific career by working with the large private company Saint-Gobain. From 1987 to 2002, I have coached five PhD students, who succeeded their doctorate in physics under my direction.

My scientific fields of interest were linked mainly to technological subjects: liquid crystal cell displays, growth of crystals, solar energy, adhesion between glasses and polymers, glass-wool, reinforcement, etc.

My participation to more than 20 international symposiums (USA, EU, Japan, Russia) gave me several opportunities to work with American (Prof. Alan Gent from Akron, Howard Gilder from Boston) and Russian scientists (Dr. Muller from the Physical Chemistry Institute of Moscow and Andrey Dmitrievich Sakharov about human rights in Russia).

Since 2002, I have been living in Moscow and working as a Scientific Attaché in charge of Technologies at the French Embassy. I was strongly involved in the technological cooperation between the two countries. I had to initiate, promote, manage and follow up several projects like a Franco-Russian network of innovation centers, bilateral seminars and round tables (Biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, new materials, geophysics), as well as the transfer of technologies (creation of the Technology Transfer Center of the Russian Bauman University and the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, creation of the Franco-Russian joint laboratory on metallogeny). Two assistants are working with me.

Education and diplomas

1985: State Doctorate (Crystal Growth) at Villetaneuse University, Paris XIII, France.

1975: PhD (Solid State Physics) at Orsay University, with P.G. de Gennes, Nobel laureate, in the jury.

1970: Master of Science in Physics and in Chemical Physics at Orsay University, Paris XI.

1965: Baccalaureate (Bachelor's degree) in Paris, France.