Valentin B. Shehtman

Researcher of the laboratory since September 1, 2004

Permanent places of employment:

Current research interests:

Mathematical logic, with the emphasis to nonclassical logics, and their applications to universal algebra, topology and computer science.

Curriculum Vitae in brief

1953 Born in Moscow

1970 Graduated from a mathematics oriented highschool in Moscow

1975 Master of sciences summa cum laude in Mathematics, Moscow State Pedagogical University

1975-77 Teacher in mathematics at high school, Moscow

1977-80 PhD student, Department of Mathematics, Moscow State University

1981-82 Teacher in mathematics at high school, Moscow

1982-84 Senior engineer, Research Institute of Patent Information

1985 Ph.D. in mathematics, Steklov Mathematics Institute, Leningrad branch

1984-90 Senior Research Fellow, Research Institute of General Moscow Planning

1990-93 Leading Research Fellow, Institute of New Technologies

1993 Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Problems of Information Transmission, Russian Academy of Sciences

1995 Senior Research Fellow, Moscow State University

2000 Doctorat d'Etat in mathematics and physics, National Attestation Committee and Moscow State Univerisyt

2000 Leading Research Fellow, Institute for Problems of Information Transmission

2001 Full Professor, Moscow State University

2004 Researcher at Poncelet Russian-French laboratory (LIFR-MI2P) of CNRS and the Independent University of Moscow

Recent publications


D.Gabbay, V. Shehtman, D. Skvortsov. Quantification in Nonclassical Logic. Preliminary draft.


A new version of the filtration method in modal logic.

AiML-2004: Advances in Modal Logic. Proceedings of the International Conference, University of Manchester Technical Report Series,UMCS-04-9-1, pp. 344-356.


Chronological future modality in Minkowski spacetime. In: Advances in Modal Logic-2002. King's College Publications, 437-459 (with I. Shapirovsky)


Products of modal logics. III. Products of modal and temporal logics. Studia Logica, v. 72, No. 2, p. 157-183. (with D. Gabbay)


Products of modal logics. II. Relativised quantifiers in classical logic. Logic Journal of the IGPL, v. 8, 165-210 (with D. Gabbay)