CNRS Poncelet

Конференция "Дзета функции"

21 - 25 июня, 2010

Москва, Россия

RAS Poncelet

Организаторы: Michel Balazard (CNRS, Лаборатория Понселе), Михаил Цфасман (CNRS, Лаборатория Понселе, ИППИ РАН), Алексей Зыкин (Лаборатория Понселе, ГУ ВШЭ)

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Improving Roth's theorem in the primes

Anne de Roton (Ванкувер)

Четверг 24 июня, 15:00 - 16:00


This work is a joint work with Harald Helfgott. Given a subset A of the primes and a positive integer N, we define the relative density delta(N,A) of the set of elements of A less than N as the quotient between the number of elements af A up to N and the number of primes up to N. Ben Green proved that if N is large enough and if the relative density delta(N,A) is large enough (larger than some given function of N converging to zero as N goes to infinity), then there must be a non-trivial three-term arithmetic progression in the set of elements of A less than N. We improve his quantitative result.

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