CNRS Poncelet

Конференция "Дзета функции"

21 - 25 июня, 2010

Москва, Россия

RAS Poncelet

Организаторы: Michel Balazard (CNRS, Лаборатория Понселе), Михаил Цфасман (CNRS, Лаборатория Понселе, ИППИ РАН), Алексей Зыкин (Лаборатория Понселе, ГУ ВШЭ)

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Modular constructions of p-adic zeta functions

Алексей Панчишкин (Гренобль)

Пятница 25 июня, 10:00 - 11:00


We construct p-adic L-functions as Mellin transforms of certain distributions attached to Euler products. The method of modular distributions makes it possible to construct in many cases such L-functions from the Fourier coefficients of modular forms. I discuss resultats, projects and recent applications related to each other by the method of modular distributions: 1) p-adic version of Shahidi's type integral ("The p-adic Eisenstein measure and Shahidi-type p-adic integral for SL(2)", in preparation, with participation of S. Gelbart, S. Miller, F. Shahidi) 2) A p-adic interpolation of the special values of Lfunctions of Rankin and of Garrett (with S.Bocherer, ...) 3) Relations with elliptic units and points of Stark-Heegner

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