We are very grateful to our recent alumni who have agreed to answer to our prospective students individual questions about their MiM experience. Below you will find their contact data. Please email all other questions and requests at mim@mccme.ru.

  Name E-mail address Home University MiM semester(s)
François Duhesme ETH Zürich (Switzerland) Fall 2016
Callie Kellackey University of Colorado Boulder Fall 2016
Richard Kruel Université Paris Diderot - Paris VII (France) Fall 2016, Spring 2017
Alex Mathers University of Alabama Fall 2016, Spring 2017
Joshua Nunley University of Arkansas Fall 2016, Spring 2017
Viviana Peña Márquez Konrad Lorenz Fundación Universitaria (Colombia) Fall 2016
Tony Qian Columbia University Fall 2016
Jennete Sellin University of California, Davis Fall 2016