Conference "Arithmetic Days"

5 - 6 April, 2012

Moscow, Russia

Organizers: Ivan Fesenko (University of Notingham), Igor Zhukov (St. Petersburg State University), Alexey Zykin (HSE, IITP).

General Information

The conference "Arithmetic Days" has the goal of bringing together researcher from St. Petersburg and Moscow specializing in number theory. The topics that will be discussed include higher dimensional class-field theory, zeta-functions of arithmetic schemes, the theory of two dimensional local fields, asymptotic theory of global fields and its applications, the theory of curves over finite fields. We hope that this conference despite of its short duration will result in fruitful colaboration between the scientists from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Organizers of the conference:

Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry and its Applications
Mathematical Department of the National University Higher School of Economics
Laboratoire CNRS J.-V. Poncelet