Conference "Diophantine Geometry"

May 13 - 17, 2013

Moscow, Russia



Marc Hindry (University of Paris 7, Laboratoire Poncelet)

Philippe Lebacque (University of Besançon)

Michael A. Tsfasman (Laboratoire Poncelet, Institute for Information Transmission Problems)

Alexey Zykin (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Laboratoire Poncelet, IITP)

Conference Programme

General Information

As befits a conference on Diophantine Geometry the main broad topic will be rational and integral points for varieties over global fields - with special reference to elliptic curves, curves of higher genus, jacobian and abelian varieties - and "tools" such as heights, Arakelov Geometry, Galois representation and L-functions.
The programme of the conference can be found here

The list of participants includes:

Ekaterina Amerik (Moscou)
Régis de la Bretèche (Paris 7)
Sinnou David (Paris 6)
Julie Desjardins (Paris 7)
Valery Gritsenko (Lille)
Ivan Fesenko (Nottingham)
Wojciech J. Gajda (Poznan)
Richard Griffon (Paris 7)
Valery Gritsenko (Lille)
Mathilde Herblot (Paris 7)

Florence Lecomte (Strasbourg)
Fabien Pazuki (Bordeaux)
Nicolas Ratazzi (Orsay)
Gaël Rémond (Bordeaux)
Marat Rovinsky (Moscou)
Sergey Rybakov (Moscou)
Michael Spiess (Bielefeld)
Benjamin Wagener (Paris 7)
Alexey Zaytsev (Kaliningrad)

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