Conference "Algebraic Geometry
and Number Theory"

on the occasion of M.A. Tsfasman's and S.G. Vladuts' 60th birthday

June 23 - 27, 2014, Moscow, Russia


Where to eat, to go out

Where to eat close to the Independant University: see the list on the map

In addition, there are the following nice places:
- Гоголь-Моголь
- 5 специй
- Vаниль
- Cantinetta Antinori
The two last places are chic. They belong to the Novikov group, one of the most famous restaurants owner in Moscow.

Where to eat for 10-20 euros in Moscow:

-IUM cafeteria: a cheap place with typical russian food.
-My-My is a self service that you can find anywhere in Moscow, for instance on the Arbat, very close to Poncelet Laboratory.
-Lioudi kak lioudi ( ), where you can eat pirogi and drink beer or tea. This is definitely one of the best cheap places in Moscow, but also one of the smallest.
-Filial ( ) is a bar close to Lubianka metro station. You can start the evening here or at Bilingua (, and then go to Krisis zhanra (
-FAQ Cafe ( is a club serving food and drinks all the day long.
-Masterskaya ( is a very nice place where it is hard to find a sit. Worth giving a try though!
-Café Maiak ( ), close to the Maiakovski theater.
-The sea inside ( is a very relaxing place (but not a cheap one).
-Jagannath ( is a vegetarian cantine (there are 3 of them in Moscow now).

Where to go out:

-Pivbar Kamtchatka (Ulitsa Kuznetsky Most 7) is a retro style cantine and bar located right behind the Bolchoï, where you can get cheap food (salade, sausages, toasts) and beer at a very good price (80-150rb for a pint)
-Glavpivtorg ( is a soviet-chic restaurant and bar located close to the Lubianka, where you can eat, drink, listen to live music.
-Gogol club ( ) is a bar where you can listen to live music (concerts might not be free, but you can hear them well from the part of the club with free access).
-Krisis Zhanra or Propaganda ( are two of the most famous "cheap" clubs in Moscow.
-Solianka nightclub ( is said to be now the place to go out at night.
-The wooden door (Taganskaya Ulitsa, 13) is an anti-café: you pay for the time you spend there with soft drinks and cookies included (2 rb/min the first hour, then 1Rb/min).

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