Conference "Algebraic Geometry
and Number Theory"

on the occasion of M.A. Tsfasman's and S.G. Vladuts' 60th birthday

June 23 - 27, 2014, Moscow, Russia


General Information

The conference is dedicated to Michael Tsfasman (Laboratoire Poncelet, IITP) and Sergey Vladuts (Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy) who turn sixty in 2014. The aim of the conference is to discuss recent achievments in algebraic geometry and number theory with special emphasis on their relation to the information theory. Topics to be consdered include the study of points on varieties over number fields and finite fields, zeta functions, modular forms, asymptotic properties of arithmetic invariants of algebraic varieties (such as class numbers, regulators, Schafarevich-Tate groups).

The list of participants includes:

Fedor Bogomolov (Moscow, New York)
Daniel Coray (Geneva)
Sudhir Ghorpade (Bombay)
James Hirschfeld (University of Sussex)
Grigory Kabatiansky (Moscow)
Alexander Kirillov (Moscow, Philadelphia)
Igor Krichever (Moscow, New York)
Alexander Kuleshov (Moscow)
Boris Kunyavskii (Bar-Ilan)
Gilles Lachaud (Marseille)
Sergei Lando (Moscow)
Oleg Musin (Texas, Moscow)
Nikolai Naderashvili (Marseille)
Grigori Olshanski (Moscow)

Alexei Panchichkine (Grenoble)
Christian Peskine (Paris)
Christophe Ritzenthaller (Rennes)
Francois Rodier (Marseille)
Vadim Schechtman (Toulouse)
George Shabat (Moscow)
Oleg Sheinman (Moscow)
Semen Shlosman (Moscow)
Andrei Sobolevski (Moscow)
Michael Tsfasman (Moscow)
Victor Vassiliev (Moscow)
Nikolai Vavilov (Saint Petersburg)
Serge Vladuts (Moscow, Marseille)
Alexey Zaytsev (Kaliningrad)


Conference Program

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Sponsors: ANR, CNRS, french ambassy, HSE Lab. of Alg. Geom., IUM