Conference "Zeta Functions 5"

December 1 - 5, 2014, Moscow, Russia



Daniel Fiorilli (University of Michigan)

Philippe Lebacque (University of Besançon)

Michael A. Tsfasman (Laboratoire Poncelet, Institute for Information Transmission Problems)

Alexey Zykin (University of French Polynesia, NRU HSE, IITP)

Conference Program

The week before:
Arithmetic and allied subjects on the banks of the Neva

General Information

The Riemann zeta function is the basic example of a family of functions arising in many mathematical fields: number theory, algebraic geometry, group theory, graph theory, dynamical systems, partial differential equations...

The study of zeta functions is transversal to the traditional subdivision into mathematical disciplines: algebra, analysis, topology, geometry, combinatorics are all needed to resolve the arising problems. The most famous mathematical enigma, the Riemann hypothesis, generalized to many zeta functions, is the key to numerous mathematical questions.

The focus of the conference will be on the most recent advances in the study of zeta functions. We hope to help the specialists in remote fields, linked by the use of zeta functions, to exchange their experience.

If you would like to participate in the conference, please contact Philippe Lebacque. Note that the week before, the conference Arithmetic and allied subjects on the banks of the Neva will be held at the Chebyshev laboratory in Saint-Petersburg.

The list of participants includes:

Ekaterina Alekseenko (Kaliningrad)
Siegfried Boecherer (Mannheim)
Jean-Robert Belliard (Besançon)
Yuri Boltnev (Kaliningrad)
Alberto Camara (Barcelona)
Florent Demeslay (Caen)
Aryan Farzad (Lethbridge)
Sergey Gorchinskiy (Moscow)
Emmanuel Hallouin (Toulouse)
Harald Helfgott (Paris)
Marc Hindry (Paris)
Alexander Ivanov (Munich)
Florent Jouve (Orsay)
Oleksiy Klurman (Montréal)
Satoshi Kondo (Moscow)

Maxim Korolev (Moscow)
Amandine Leriche (Lille, Amiens)
Stéphane Louboutin (Marseille)
Yuri Matiyasevich (St-Petersburg)
Baptiste Morin (Bordeaux)
Vésale Nicolas (Heidelberg)
Denis Osipov (Moscow)
Alexei Pantchichkine (Grenoble)
Marc Perret (Toulouse)
Irina Rezvyakova (Moscow)
Vincent Rivasseau (Orsay)
Sergey Rybakov (Moscow)
Alisa Sedunova (Paris)
Sergey Sekatskii (Lausanne)
Alexey Zaytsev (Kaliningrad)