Conference "Arithmetic Geometry: Explicit Methods and Applications"

December 7 - 11, 2015, Moscow, Russia


Where to eat, to go out

Where to eat for 10-15 euros in Moscow:

-IUM cafeteria: a place where you can have Russian food really cheaply.
-My-My is a self service that you can find anywhere in Moscow, for instance on the Arbat, very close to Poncelet Laboratory.
-Lioudi kak lioudi (, where you can eat pirogi and drink beer or tea. This is definitely one of the best cheap places in Moscow, but also one of the smallest.
-Filial ( is a bar close to Lubianka metro station. You can start the evening here or at Bilingua (, and then go to Krisis zhanra (
-FAQ Cafe ( is a club where you can eat and drink all the day long
-Masterskaya ( is a very nice place where it is hard to find a sit. It is worth giving a try though!
-Café Maiak ( ), close to Maiakovski theatre.
-Jagannath ( is a vegetarian cafeteria (there are 3 of them now)

Where to go out:

-Pivbar Kamtchatka (Ulitsa Kuznetsky Most 7) is a retro style bar located right behind the Bolchoï, where you can get cheap food (salad, sausages, toasts) and beer at a very good price.
-Glavpivtorg ( is a soviet-chic restaurant and bar located close to the Lubianka, where you can eat, drink, listen to live music.
-Gogol club ( ) is a bar where you can listen to live music (the entrance to concerts might not be free, but you can hear it well from the free part of the club).
-Krisis Zhanra or Propaganda ( are two of the most famous "cheap" clubs in Moscow.
-Solianka nightclub is said to be now the place to go out at night.
-The wooden door (Taganskaya Ulitsa 13) is an anti-café: you pay for the time you spend there, not for what you drink.

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