Alexei Zamolodchikov

Laboratoire J.-V.Poncelet, CNRS, UMI 2615
B.Vlassievskii per. 11, 121002, Moscow
+7 495 291 6722

Personal address: ul. Oleko Dundicha 7 app. 248, 121096, Moscow
Born: 18 September 1952, Novo-Ivankovo, region of Tver, Russia.
Education: 1969--1976 Moscow Physical Technical Institute.
Ph.D. thesis in 1979 Factorized scattering in asymptoticaly free two-dimensional models of quantum field theory

Scientific research experience:

  1. Joint Instiute of Nuclear Research, Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, Dubna, Russia
    1976--1978 probationer
    1978--1984 associate research worker
  2. Scientific Council on Cybernetics, Academy of Sciences of USSR, Moscow
    1984--1987 full research worker
  3. Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow
    1987-- senior research worker
  4. Laboratoire de Physique Statistique, Ecole Normale Superieure, 24 rue Lhomond, Paris
    Oct. 1990--Sept. 1991, Chercheur associee
  5. CNRS URA 768, Laboratoire de Physique Theorique et Mathematique, Universite Montpellier II
    Oct.1991 -- Mars 2007
  6. CNRS UMI 2615, Laboratoire J.-V.Poncelet, Universite Independante de Moscou
    Avril 2007--- Octobre 2008

Research field: Quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, quantum gravity

Recent publications:

  1. V.Fateev, A.Zamolodchikov and Al.Zamolodchikov. Boundary Liouville field theory I. Boundary state and boundary two-point function. LPM-00-05, 2000. hep-th/0001012.
  2. Al.Zamolodchikov. On the thermodynamic Bethe ansatz equation in Sinh-Gordon model. LPM-00-15, 2000. hep-th/0005181.
  3. Al.Zamolodchikov. Scaling Lee-Yang model on a sphere I. Partition function. JHEP 0207 (2002) 029. hep-th/0109078.
  4. A.Zamolodchikov and Al.Zamolodchikov. Liouville field theory on a pseudosphere. LPM-01-01, 2001. hep-th/0101152.
  5. C.Ahn, C.Kim, C.Rim and Al.Zamolodchikov. RG flows from super-Liouville theory to critical Ising model. Phys.Lett., B541 (2002) 194--200. hep-th/0206210.
  6. Al.Zamolodchikov. Higher Equations of Motion in Liouville Field Theory. Int.J.Mod.Phys A., 19 (2004), hep-th/0312279.
  7. A.A.Belavin, V.A.Belavin, A.V.Litvinov, Y.P.Pugai, Al.B.Zamolodchikov. On correlation functions in the perturbed minimal models M(2,2n+1). Nucl.Phys. B676 (2004) 587-614. hep-th/0309137.
  8. Al.Zamolodchikov. Perturbed Conformal Field Theory on Fluctuating Sphere. Proceedings of the Workshop BW2003, ``Mathematical, Theoretical and Phenomenological Challenges Beyond Standard Model'', 29 August--02 September 2003, Vrnjancka Banja, Serbia. hep-th/0508044
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  12. A.Zamolodchikov and Al.Zamolodchikov. Decay of metastable vacuum in Liouville gravity. Talk at 33rd International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 06) Moscow, Russia, 26 Jul - 2 Aug 2006.
  13. A.Belavin and Al.Zamolodchikov. Moduli Integrals, Ground Ring and Four-Point Function in Minimal Liouville Gravity. Proceedings of the International Workshop ``Polyakov's String: Twenty Five Years After'', Chernogolovka, June 23--25, 2005.
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