CNRS Poncelet

Конференция "Дзета функции"

21 - 25 июня, 2010

Москва, Россия

RAS Poncelet

Организаторы: Michel Balazard (CNRS, Лаборатория Понселе), Михаил Цфасман (CNRS, Лаборатория Понселе, ИППИ РАН), Алексей Зыкин (Лаборатория Понселе, ГУ ВШЭ)

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The Number of Rational Points On Genus 4 Hyperelliptic Supersingular Curves in Characteristic 2

Алексей Зайцев (Дублин)

Вторни 22 июня, 16:30 - 17:30


One of the big questions in the area of curves over finite fields concerns the distribution of the numbers of points: Which numbers are possible as the number of points on a curve of genus $g$? The same question applies to various subclasses of curves. In this talk we classify the possibilities for the number of points on genus 4 hyperelliptic supersingular curves over finite fields of order $2^n$, $n$ odd.

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