Transformation Groups - 2007

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Attention: This form is designed for applicants from the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union). Applicants from other states are invited to fill the registration form here.

The fields marked with * are mandatory. Please make sure that you have received a confirmation of your registration by e-mail. Otherwise please send us an e-mail containing information indicated in the form. You can change your details at any time by resubmitting an updated registration form.

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The conference budget is very limited, but we hope to provide a partial financial support for younger participants. More detailed information on visas, accommodation, a possibility to give a talk, and partial financial support will be sent directly to registered persons later.

Please notice that, due to the limited seating-capacity of the conference rooms, the number of participants is limited to 100 only. If the number of applications will be too large, the organizers may be forced to make a selection among those who will register. The final decision will be taken in September 2007.

Please, put here any additional information, questions, or comments concerning the organization of the conference: