International Workshop

Idempotent and Tropical Mathematics and Problems Of Mathematical Physics

Independent University of Moscow

Russian-French Laboratory "J.V. Poncelet"

Moscow, August 25-30, 2007




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Organizing Committee: Viktor P. Maslov (chairman), Grigory L. Litvinov, Andrei N. Sobolevskii, Sergei N. Sergeev.

Main topics:

  • Idempotent and tropical mathematics including:
    • Idempotent analysis,
    • Idempotent functional analysis,
    • Tropical geometry and algebra,
    • Tropical and idempotent convex geometry,
    • Mathematics of idempotent semirings,
    • and related topics;
  • Quantization, dequantization, and related topics of mathematical physics

Official languages of the workshop: English and Russian.
Arrival date: Saturday August 25, 2007;
Departure date: Thursday August 30, 2007.
The workshop fee is $35; participants wishing to attend the workshop banquet will be requested to contribute $20. To participate please fill in the following registration form and return it to our contact addresses by the deadline May 15, 2007.

If you are going to present a talk, then please give us the title by May 10 and further an extended abstract prepared in LaTeX (12pt, up to 6 pages), which is due on June 5.

Please inform us about your flight details etc. We shall try to meet you and to help you.

Sincerely yours,

the organizing committee