International Workshop

Idempotent and Tropical Mathematics and Problems Of Mathematical Physics

Independent University of Moscow

Russian-French Laboratory "J.V. Poncelet"

Moscow, August 25-30, 2007




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Volumes of abstracts are now accessible:
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Marianne Akian (INRIA, France). Talks:
1. Representation of stationary solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations: a max-plus point of view;
2. (with S.Gaubert and V.N. Kolokoltsov): see below.

Viacheslav Belavkin (Univ. of Nottingham, UK). Talk: Quantum Pontryagin principle and quantum Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation: a max-plus point of view.

Evgeny Beniaminov (Russian State Univ. for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia). Talk (in Russian): Quantization as approximate description of a diffusion process.

Andrei Chourkin (Moscow State Univ., Russia). Talk (with S. Sergeev, in Russian): Universal algorithms solving Bellman systems over semirings (a computer demonstration).

Vladimir Danilov (CEMI, Russia). Talk (with A.Karzanov and G.Koshevoy): see below.

Nadir Farhi (INRIA, France). Talks: (with J.-P. Quadrat) Degree one homogeneous max-plus dynamical systems and traffic applications. Parts I and II.

Vladimir Fock (ITEP, Moscow, Russia). Talk: (with A.B. Goncharov) Duality of cluster varieties.

Stephane Gaubert (INRIA, France). Talks:
1. From max-plus algebra to non-linear Perron-Frobenius theory: an approach to zero-sum repeated games;
2. (with M. Akian and V.N. Kolokoltsov): see below;
3. (with S. Sergeev): see below.

Tatjana Grbic (Univ. Novy Sad, Serbia). Talk (with E. Pap): Pseudo-weak convergence of the random sets defined by a pseudo-integral based on non-additive measure.

Oleg Gulinsky (Moscow, Russia). Talk: Stationary phase method and large deviations.

Dmitry Gurevich (Univ. Valenciennes, France). Talk: Quantization with a deformed trace.

Alexander Guterman (Moscow State Univ., Russia). Talk: Transformations preserving matrix invariants over semirings.

Sergey Igonin (Utrecht Univ, The Netherlands).

Alexander Karzanov (ISA RAS, Moscow, Russia). Talk (with V. Danilov and G. Koshevoy): see below.

Boris Kirshteyn (Delfin-Informatika Co., Moscow, Russia). Talk (with A. Gelfand, in Russian): Idempotent systems of nonlinear equations and computational problems arising in electroenergetic networks.

Vassili Kolokoltsov (Univ. of Warwick, UK and Moscow Institute of Economics, Russia). Talk (with M. Akian and S. Gaubert): On the assignment problem for a countable state space.

Gleb Koshevoy (CEMI, Moscow, Russia) Talk (with V. Danilov and A. Karzanov): Tropical Plucker functions.

Gennady Koval (Moscow State Univ., Russia). Talk (with V. Maslov, in Russian): Generalization of ultrasecond quantization for fermions at non-zero-temperature.

Alexey Kushner (Astrakhan State Univ., Russia). Talk (in Russian): Contact classification of the Monge-Ampere equations

Semen Kutateladze (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, Russia), Abstract convexity and cone-vexing abstractions.

Grigory Litvinov (Independent Univ. of Moscow, Russia). Talks:
1. Interval analysis for algorithms of idempotent and tropical mathematics;
2. (with G. Shpiz) Dequantization procedures related to the Maslov dequantization.

Victor Maslov (Moscow State Univ., Moscow). Talks:
1. Ultrasecond quantization of a classical version of superfluidity in nanotubes;
2. (with G. Koval, in Russian): see above.

David McCaffrey (United Kingdom). Talk: Policy iteration and max-plus finite element method.

William M. McEneaney (Univ. of California, San Diego, USA). Talk: Using max-plus convolution to obtain fundamental solutions for differential equations with quadratic nonlinearities.

Evgeny Mikhalkin (Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical Univ., Russia). Talk (in Russian): On amoebas of discriminants of algebraic equations.

Ulf Persson (Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Sweden).

Jean-Pierre Quadrat (INRIA, France). Talks (with N. Farhi): Degree one homogeneous minplus dynamic systems and traffic applications: Parts I and II.

Sergei Sergeev (Moscow State Univ., Russia). Talks:
1. Minimal elements and cellular closures in idempotent linear algebra;
2. (with S. Gaubert) Cyclic projectors and separation theorems in idempotent semimodules over the max-plus semiring;
3. (with A. Chourkin, in Russian) see above.

Evgenii Shustin (Tel Aviv Univ., Israel) Talk (with I. Itenberg and V. Kharlamov): Tropical geometry and enumeration of real rational curves.

Oleg Shvedov (Moscow State Univ., Russia), Semiclassical quantization of field theories.

Grigory Shpiz (Moscow). Talk (with G. Litvinov): see above.

Ivan Singer (Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, Bucharest, Romania). Talk (with V. Nitica): The structure of max-plus hyperplanes.

Andrei Sobolevskii (Moscow State Univ., Russia and Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur, Nice, France). Talk: Convex analysis, transportation and reconstruction of peculiar velocities of galaxies.

Alexander Stoyanovsky (Independent Univ. of Moscow, Russia). Talk: The Weyl algebra and quantization of fields.

Mirjana Strboja (Univ. Novy Sad, Serbia). Talk (with E. Pap): Image processing based on a partial differential equation satisfying the superposition principle.

Svetlana Tsykina (Tambov State University, Russia). Talk (with V. Molchanov): Polynomial quantization on symmetric para-Hermitian spaces.

Roman Ulvert (Siberian Federal Univ., Krasnoyarsk, Russia) Talk (in Russian): The curves whose amoebas determine the fundamental group of complement.

Cormac Walsh (INRIA, France). Talk: The horofunction boundary.

Edouard Wagneur (GERAD and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada). Talk (with F. Faye, M. Thiam and L. Truffet): Max-plus cones and semimodules.