local Fourier transform meetings

was an informal seminar on differential equations (connections, D-modules, perverse sheaves) and (local) Fourier transform towards applications to Gromov-Witten invariants, stability conditions, Langlands program.
[plus some talks with titles that contain words symplectic and quantization.]

Default time and space for all meetings is: Friday, Balcony A at 4th floor of IPMU.


March 9: (13:00-15:00) Tony Pantev on Shifted symplecic structures and quantization

October 31-November 7: (10:30-18:00) Workshop on curves and categories
April 25-28: (10:30-17:30) Mini-course (Todor Milanov, Sasha Getmanenko, Sergey Galkin)
April 22: (13:00-15:00) Sasha Getmanenko
April 15: (16:00-17:00) Sasha Getmanenko
March 4: (16:00-17:00) Sasha Getmanenko
February 25: (16:00-17:00) Sasha Getmanenko
January 21: (15:30-17:30) Alex Cruz Morales on stability conditions on local P^1 (local P^2) and Gromov-Witten invariants.

December 17: (16:00-17:00) Sasha Getmanenko.
December 3: (16:00-17:00) Sasha Getmanenko.
November 26: (16:00-17:00) Sasha Getmanenko.
October 22: (14:00-15:00) Satoshi Kondo; (16:00-17:30) Sasha Getmanenko
October 15: (16:00-17:30) Sasha Getmanenko on chapter 3 Formal theory of irregular singularities of Malgrange's book Differential equations with polynomial coefficients.
October 8: (16:00-17:30) Sasha Getmanenko on local Fourier transform for D-modules.
September 24: (13:30-15:00) Remi Arcadias on multidegree for bifiltered D-modules.
September 17: (16:00-17:30) Sasha Getmanenko
September 10: (13:30-15:00) Kana Ando on calculating Stokes multiplicities; (15:30-17:00) Sasha Getmanenko
September 3: (15:30-17:00) Sasha Getmanenko on B.Malgrange's work Sur les points singuliers des equations differentielles Part 2.
September 2: (12:00-18:00) Todor Milanov on Quantum Lefschetz Principle (apres Coates/Givental).
August 7: (13:15-16:00) Roman Bezrukavnikov on Noncommutative symplectic resolutions from quantization in positive characteristic and quantum connections
July 9: (13:30-15:00) Satoshi Kondo; (16:00-17:30) Sasha Getmanenko.
June 25: (13:30-15:00) Satoshi Kondo; (18:00-19:30) Sasha Getmanenko.
June 18: (16:00-18:00) Satoshi Kondo.

Some initial references