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What is ๐š๐šŠ๐š•๐š”๐š’๐š—? My email, CV, and various profiles: arXiv, Google Scholar, MathSciNet, Zentralblatt, ORCID, ResearchGate, Scopus, Mendeley, ResearcherID,, MathNet, Math Genealogy, rnr, kaken.

I try to maintain a complete list of my TALKS with abstracts (also you can check ~20 VIDEOS).

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Coauthors: Mohammad AKHTAR, Pieter BELMANS, Alexey BONDAL, Tom COATES, Alessio CORTI, John Alexander CRUZ MORALES, Vasily GOLYSHEV, Hiroshi IRITANI, Ilya KARZHEMANOV, Al KASPRZYK, Ludmil KATZARKOV, Anton MELLIT, Grigory MIKHALKIN, Swarnava MUKHOPADHYAY, Pavel POPOV, Evgeny SHINDER, Constantin SHRAMOV, Maxim SMIRNOV, Andrew STRANGEWAY, Alexandr USNICH.

Tables: OEIS, (NEW!) Fanography, FanoSearch, GRDB, CY data (Kreuzer-Skarke), CYDB (Mainz tables v3, Duco van Straten and Pavel Metelitsyn), toric CY3 (Altman-Gray-He-Jejjala-Nelson), CY explorer (Jurke)

Calculators: PARI/GP, MAGMA, SAGE.
Mathematics in Moscow

Seminars (see also
SHAFAREVICH (MI, Tue 15:00, Orlov, Parshin), ISKOVSKIKH (MI, Thu 18:30, Prokhorov, Przyjalkowski, Orlov, Shramov); Algebraic Geometry (HSE, Fri 17:00, Bogomolov, Verbitsky), Arithmetic Geometry (HSE, Mon 17:30, Gorchinskiy, Osipov, Rybakov, Vologodsky), Arithmetic, Geometry and Coding Theory (Tsfasman, ZYKIN), Automorphic Forms (HSE, Tue 18:00, Galkin, Gritsenko, Spiridonov), Categories (HSE, Fri 15:30, Efimov, Fonarev, Galkin), Geometric Structures (HSE, Thu 18:30, Verbitsky, Rogov), Geometric Topology (HSE, Thu 14:00, Akhmet\ev, Lightfoot, Melikhov, Shchepin), GLOBUS (IUM colloquium, Thu), Homotopy (Gorodentsev, Khoroshkin, Markarian), Math Physics (HSE, Wed 17:00, Marshakov, Krichever), Riemann surfaces, Lie algebras, and math physics (IUM, Fri 17:00, Natanzon, Shwartzman, Sheinman), Vasiliev knot invariants, characteristic classes and intersection theory(HSE, Thu 17:00 and 18:30, Kazarian, Lando), Varieties (Brav, Galkin).

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