International Workshop

Idempotent and Tropical Mathematics and Problems Of Mathematical Physics

Independent University of Moscow

Russian-French Laboratory "J.V. Poncelet"

Moscow, August 25-30, 2007




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The exact address of the Independent University of Moscow and the French-Russian Laboratory "J.-V. Poncelet" is Bol'shoy Vlas'yevsky pereulok, dom 11. "Pereulok" means little street (or side-street, lane), and "dom" means house. It is a small and elegant yellow building, click here to see the photo.

Essentially, the building of Independent University is located near Arbat street (i.e., ulitsa Arbat ), which is one of the most well-known and fashionable streets in Moscow. In Arbat street you can find many places to eat and to buy presents for your relatives and friends. Another good reference is Sivtsev Vrazhek, which is a long and narrow side-street and, roghly speaking, parallel to Arbat. Click here to see it.

The most reliable and easy transport is Moscow underground, or metro. The metro stations nearest to the Independent University are metro Kropotkinskaya and metro Smolenskaya, see them again on this map and now on this map.

Metro Smolenskaya is nearer. However, there are two metro Smolenskaya stations, located on different metro lines. The right one was marked by a circle, see it again . There will be no great trouble if you go out from the "wrong" metro Smolenskaya. It must be wrong, if you go out and see a very large and busy street (Smolenskaya street) before you. Then you have to cross it underneath!! (It is DANGEROUS to do it better.) Use an underneath passage near the station and find the Arbat street. If you do not see the underneath passage immediately, though you SHOULD see it, then ask an old woman for podzemny perekhod. When you find Arbat, use the map .

Regarding metro Kropotkinskaya, there is one metro station but two possibilities to go out. To choose the convenient one, you should get into the tail of metro train if it is going to the north (which must be a typical situation for you if you live in the south). The "wrong" way out is if you immediately see a great and impressive Cathedral. Then it is advisable to go back into the metro station and to use the opposite way out (which is the one described above). After you use this exit, choose between the following:
1) Find Gagarinsky pereulok (side-street) and follow the way shown on the map;
2) See a great path for pedestrians between two rows of trees. Go along this path. Turn left when you see a boat (typically used to go by river), cross a little street, and immediately find the side-street Sivtsev Vrazhek. This way is also shown on the map .

We provide the photo of the University building and two maps:
Independent University